Bloodletting - Life, Death, Healthcare

The Story

This intensely personal story of one uninsured family's interaction with the American healthcare system is a call to action. more than 45 million Americans like the Greens areforced to choose between financial crisis or their health. It's a choice that not one of us should ever have to make.

-- Andrew Stern, President
    Service Employees International Union

Green's intensity pushes the viewer out of the arm chair and into the arena of action.... The stunning visuals and original sound track set the tone for this hard-hitting, emotionally intense docu-drama about real people dealing with life and death issues of a failing healthcare system.

-- Joan Marie Malerich

BLOODLETTING is a tale of two countries, one rich, one poor; it's the story of two healthcare systems: one nationalized, one profit-driven; and it's the personal story of two regular people living without healthcare in America.

Filmmaker Lorna Green borrows a camera to make a documentary on Cuba's healthcare system, revealing history, culture, and paradoxes of contemporary Cuban life.

When she returns to the U.S., she finds her mother, a teathcer, and her borther, a manufacturing worker, living without health insurance. Both become caught in a downward cycle in the ugly underbelly of medicine for the uninsured in America. Turning the camera on her won family, Lorna documents real life struggles of life without a health safety net.

What emerges is an intensely personal story, woven in with the grave statistics and commentary on a country where 45 million people are uninsured.

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